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Style Inspiration

Top College Education Style

College styles are here today gone tomorrow. Whether you’re trying to stand out or just get by - its important to fit your style, and school spirit. Don’t make the college freshman mistake of carrying over old looks into a new lifestyle. You can still earn a great education while on a budget and our selections will help you do just that. According to most college graduates, the number one item they would have left at school would have been sweatpants, followed by sports shoes.
Don’t make this mistake by getting into the college of your choice, then have no choice as to how to fit in. Get your own style and look good while not standing out. School style and school spirit go hand in hand. Get the most out of your education and let us do the worrying about how you will look for you. Our rugged selections are often on sale, so that you can safe for the more important things like books for classes or extracurricular events!

Outdoor Education

Outdoor stylized apparel is a new trend that is captivating the young and old alike. Each summer it develops into all the rage inspired by the great outdoors. Despite such a small niche, outdoorsmen, campers, hikers and survivalists alike take on a passion for this brand. Major outdoor fashion outlets are feeling the push as items such as hiking boots, puff jackets, wind-breakers and gloves are all being added to their collections for the fall and winter seasons.
Functional and appealing, our styles offer a fresh take on the adventurer whether in back street urban or rural badlands environments. Active outdoor clothing is perfect for keeping warm, balancing fashion with function and creating layered cold-weather looks. These are perfect inter-seasonal garments too, because of their lightweight and comfortable qualities they are receptive to changing temperatures.

Military Training

Military style is not a new trend, it has been around in its current style since around 2008. While many fashion trends come and go, men’s and women’s military style décor isn't going to change any time soon. It will evolve and change but elements such as uniform lashings present in Victorian and Gregorian eras are a constant. Military style is about functionality, durability and efficiency.
Women’s military fashion originated during the 19th and 20th centuries and continues to this day. Rugged styles offers lines matching this line of thinking and at an affordable price. There are obvious connections to styles past – but new iterations in style such as army & aviator looks continue to develop. Aviator looks are sleek with slim cuts of brown, earthy tones. That way you can be seen and yet unnoticed at the same time. Think diverse & understated.